Step-by-Step: Snaking a Toilet

Toilet in bathroom, Snaking a Toilet

Using a drain snake to unclog your toilet is typically a last-ditch effort. Once you’ve tried plunging, flushing, and draining, your last resort move before calling our plumbers is using a drain snake to unclog the toilet. Here’s a step-by-step guide to snake a toilet so that you don’t make the problem worse:

1.) Place some towels around the base of your toilet to prevent making a mess in your bathroom.

2.) Place the end of the snake into the toilet bowl so that it points towards the drain. Turn the handle of the snake clockwise so that the cable goes down into the drain. 

3.) Keep cranking the snake until you feel it hit against something or begin to resist. 

4.) Once you’ve made contact with the clog, begin pushing the snake back and forth to break up the clog. Your goal isn’t to bring the entire clog out of the drain, but to break it down enough so that your toilet can flush.

5.) Once you feel the clog is sufficiently broken down, pull the snake out of the toilet and flush the toilet to get rid of the remainders. 


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If you can’t break the clog down enough to get the toilet to flush correctly, call our office for some professional plumbing help. Sometimes the clog can get stuck in a hard-to-reach spot and our plumbers have to use their equipment to make sure it all gets broken down or comes out effectively. Call our office for residential or commercial plumbing services at (706) 786-6974