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Commercial Plumbing Remodeling

Whether you’re looking to remodel your commercial property to create a more modern look or to install more energy and water-efficient appliance, the experts at SmartTech Plumbing are here to help. Our team has years of experience working with a variety of commercial and residential properties helping them with their remodeling projects. Remodeling a building means that the plumbing systems often need to be remodeled as well, so you need experienced plumbers on your remodeling team. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers and to find out more about our commercial plumbing remodeling services. 

Leak & Corrosion Inspection

Leaks and rust in the pipes of your commercial building are dangerous to the entire plumbing system of the building. A broken pipe can stop water from traveling where it needs to go, and it can also infect the water with dangerous bacterias that could affect the sanitation of your building. If you suspect a leak or areas of corrosion in your plumbing system, call SmartTech Plumbing immediately. Our plumbers will come to your building and inspect the plumbing systems to determine where the leak or corrosion is coming from and how to best repair the damages. Plumbing inspections are simple with SmartTech Plumbing because our team uses professional equipment backed by our years of experience to find and resolve the problem quickly. 

Galvanized Pipe Replacement

Galvanized steel pipes are a common type of pipe used in the plumbing system of many commercial buildings. Unfortunately, this type of pipe doesn’t last as long as others and can experience corrosion faster too. Galvanized pipe replacements may be necessary for your commercial building if you are experiencing constant leaks and corrosion in the plumbing system. SmartTech Plumbing provides galvanized pipe replacement services for commercial buildings whether they need just a few pipes replaced, or the whole system replaced. We’ll work with you to explain the costs and the project timeline in order to ensure that nothing interferes with your business’s schedule. In some cases, the galvanized pipes don’t need to be replaced but rather can be lined in order to restore their durability. In these cases, our team will develop a plan for lining and replacing your galvanized pipes to ensure the whole system is well maintained and strong enough to last your building for many years to come.  

Plumbing Reconfiguration 

Reconfiguring the plumbing in your commercial building doesn’t have to be a stressful project when you work with the experts at SmartTech Plumbing. Our plumbing reconfiguration services refer to moving the pipes for toilets, sinks, showers, etc. in order to move the fixtures to a different location. Plumbing reconfiguration may be needed during a remodeling project or to improve the plumbing system in an old building. Call our team to schedule an appointment and talk about your building’s plumbing reconfiguration needs. Our team will help to develop a plan for how to best reconfigure your plumbing system in a low-cost way that ensures your plumbing system is designed correctly.

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