Step-by-Step Guide: Installing a Shower Head

Shower head spraying water, how to change a shower head

An easy way to update the appearance of your bathroom is to change the old, corroded shower head with a more modern look. If there are no issues with the plumbing, this can be an easy DIY project. Here’s the easiest way to change a showerhead.

How to Change a Shower Head:


1.) Close the drain in the shower or cover it with a towel to prevent any of the loose parts from going down the drain.

2.) Next, hold on to the shower arm (the pipe connected to the wall) and twist the showerhead counterclockwise. Be careful not to twist the shower arm that is connected to the wall. If it is difficult to turn, use a wrench to turn the nod on the showerhead counterclockwise. You may need to use a penetrative catalyst to loosen up the bolts. 

3.) Once the showerhead is off, remove any residue from the threads to make sure the new showerhead can be installed correctly.

4.) Now that the threads are clean you can wrap 2-3 layers of Teflon tape (a.k.a. plumber’s tape or sealant tape) around the threads to ensure the new head stays on tightly. Be sure to cover the threads completely.

5.) After prepping the threads with plumber’s tape screw on the new showerhead and tighten it until it is snug. As you twist, you may notice the plumber’s tape tearing a little bit in some spots, and that is okay. 

6.) Turn on the shower to check for leaks. If water leaks out, try using the wrench to tighten the bolt. Be careful not to twist the shower arm that is connected to the wall. 


If you experience any difficulties while changing your shower head, or encounter any serious plumbing issues, call our office for 24/7 plumbing services at (706) 786-6974